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Romanian carmaker Dacia’s sales up in Germany, UK

  • Source:www.romania-insider.com
  • Date:2018-05-07 16:51

Dacia sales

Romanian carmaker Dacia increased its sales in Germany by 26.3% in April, to 6,657 units. The Romanian brand thus reached a market share of 2% on the German market, the biggest in the EU, localProfit.roreported.

In Romania, Dacia is the market leader, but its monthly sales are about 1,800 units, four times lower than in Germany.

Dacia’s sales in Germany in the first four months of this year amounted to 23,721 units, up 22.8% versus the same period of 2017.

Dacia also recorded a significant increase in sales on the British market, the second biggest auto market in the EU. The Romanian brand sold 3.169 cars in UK in the first two months of this year, up by 30% compared to the same period of 2017, as the market saw declining sales in the same period.

Dacia Duster enters top 10 best-selling SUVs in Germany

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  • Source:www.romania-insider.com
  • Date:2018-05-07 16:51
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